Welcome one, Welcome all!!

I know.. yes.. I have been absent from the stage for a long long time.. many presumed me to have gone off to Mars.. Well, in a way I guess I did go to Mars..! at least virtually!!
It was my temporary disappearance which made me choose this particular name for my blog.. THE INVISIBILITY CLOAK!! (and also the fact that I am a Potterhead!)
Yes people.. for the loyal readers, sorry for not having written all these days, and for the new ones, hope you like what I write here!!
And to old and new readers alike, Welcome to my new blog! Feel free to glance through my earlier musings whenever you please!!
Signing off from this post with the solemn promise that I will blog more often!!
Oops! Almost forgot!
Here’s the cup a’ tea I promised!!
While you enjoy your cup a’, here is something to ponder over. Came across this sometime back, and loved it!
Life is like a cup of tea.. It’s all in how you make it!!

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