Thudakkam Maangalyam!!

June 11th & 12th 2015.. Wedding Bells everywhere! The day I was eagerly waiting for! And boy.. was I not excited! How will I not be excited when the bride is one of my bestest buddies ever?!
Sivakasi.. a small, very hot town (wait till she hears me call the place a ‘town’) in Tamilnadu.. always bustling with activity.. famous for its pyrotechnics and printing presses in addition to a good number of famous temples.. being the hometown of both the bride and the groom, that was where the wedding was to be held..
The bride.. my first friend from my days at college.. easily, my best friend.. the one who has the roll number before mine.. She was gonna get married.. become a wife to someone.. she was entering the next phase of life.. And what a beautiful bride she was.. As radiant as the full moon on a cloudless night – shining so bright amidst the stars.. as fragrant as a rose in full bloom in a garden of tulips, as  elegant as a swan, gliding serenely in the lake.. as beautiful as a peacock in a grove of parrots.. looking at her on the eve of the wedding, when she made her way to sit on the pedestal in the shape of a crescent, I fell in love with her.. all over again.. agar mere hi nazar lag gaya tho, na jaane kitne aur logon ki nazar us par laga! itni khoobsurat dulhan thi woh.. dulha ko tho sambhaalna chahiye..!
June 11th.. the eve of the wedding.. The Reception party.. it was such a bash! In addition to the bride’s sister and a cousin, we were the bridesmaids. The duty of the bridesmaids (in addition to looking gorgeous in lehengas.. 😛 ), is to stay with the bride and rid her off her anxiety. The bride now is a connoisseur of dancing. And how do you please someone who loves dancing? You dance for her! And hence a flashmob was planned.. it was decided to dance to the tunes of Mangalyam from the Malayalam flick Bangalore Days.. Now, I am a person who never dances.. be it on the dance floor or any of the n number of concerts we’ve been too, I am happy to take a back seat and watch my friends dance to the beats, .. don’t get me wrong.. I have nothing against dancing.. In fact I would love to let my hair down and shake my leg.. but sadly, I always feel overtly conscious about my dance moves whenever I do so.. The last I really danced was when I was 10 for my school annual day!! Let’s just say, Pappu really doesn’t dance! All that was about to change that day! Nothing but excessive love for the bride would have made me to let go of all my inhibitions and dance that eve. I just wanted her to have the most perfect wedding! And after a day full of rehearsals, dance I did, along with the rest of the group, all of whom were awesome dancers. The best part of the dance was when we dragged the bride and the groom into our midst and made them dance along with us.. so, to sum it all up, let’s say- Mission: Accomplished! The couple were really happy! The other star attraction (other than our flashmob of course) was the Theyyam Drummers who composed great beats on their Chenda!!
 And the next day, June 12th.. the day of the wedding. The threats of a thunderstorm from the previous night seemed to be a distant memory. The wedding ceremony took place with all pomp and splendor. When the Managalsutra was tied around the bride’s neck, I was lost for words. I didn’t know how to express my joy. Maybe that is precisely why I ended up crying.. There are many things that are involuntary in life. Watching your best friend transform from a girl to a bride to someone’s wife is definitely one of them. Turning around to hide my tears, I noticed that I was not alone. There was the mother who was crying tears of joy, watching her girl go on to adorn someone else’s home.. then there was the dad – his little girl had grown up.. there was also the sister.. and then there we were.. all extremely happy. so happy that we stopped trying to hide our tears. And so, the bride made her way to her husband’s home.
Metti Ceremony!
We left Sivakasi after the wedding with mixed feelings.. Emotions they say, are always dual in nature..While being happy for my friend, I will have to accept the harsh reality that I will miss her. Four Marauders were we, now reduced to three..
To S, you have been more than the best friend I could ever have asked for. No matter what, you have always stood by my side.. a mute shoulder to cry on when I needed one, a strong voice to speak sense into me when I had lost my senses. I will not thank you and separate you from me. All I will say is that I love you, and wish you the best wherever you are. I am happy that you are in safe hands.
To R, you have the best life partner you could ever dream of. Take care of her!!
To S & R, Love you both! Happy Married Life!! or must I say glückliches Eheleben !
The Wedding Cake

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  1. Rajkishan says:

    This is a really nice way to restart your new blog. Though I do feel bad for not being able to attend the marriage, reading this blog made me feel as if I was involved in all the activities. Good one!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Vaishali says:

      Hee hee.. thank you! but dude, you did miss the fun.. I’ll not deny that.. and I’ll remind it to you as often as I can.. :p


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