Warning: I had watched Drishyam before watching Papanasam, and I love both the movies just the same. Is that possible? Well, it is.. 🙂

So yes.. Papanasam makes an amazing watch. When I went to catch the movie, I did have my doubts. How will I keep myself engrossed when I already know what is going to happen next? But then Kamal Haasan stole the show!! Right from the word go, all my skepticism vanished into thin air.

Papanasam - Suyambu Lingam & family
Papanasam – Suyambu Lingam & family

I now understand why he chose to remake the movie in Tamil with him in the lead. The story is such. It just deserves to be told. And yes. One might argue that they ought to catch the original version if the story is that great. But then, for one who doesn’t know the language? And believe me, subtitles might turn to be more of a bane than a boon. For one, you will be made to look at the subtitles instead of watching the performances of the actors, and secondly- lots just get L.I.T (Lost in Translation). Kudos to Jeethu Joseph for bringing out such a story which has been remade in several other languages, with the Hindi one (directed by the Nishikant Kamat) set to hit screens in a few days.

What’s the story about? Now I can’t tell you that can I? In a line I can say just this – It is about the love a man has for his family.. about how he will go against all odds to protect them. The way each scene unfolds in the movie is a treat to watch, no matter how many times you have watched it before and in how many ever languages. A true Drishyam indeed! (‘Drishyam’ in Sanskrit means ‘the seen’, ‘the knowable’, or ‘the vision’.. I would like put my own funda and say it means ‘the creation recreation of a scene’).

And the casting is impeccable. Well, when you have Kamal in the lead, there is little margin for any kind of error. But the rest of the crew needs to be lauded as well. Gautami, Niveda and the little girl Esther.. all of them touch our hearts with their performances. As for Kalabhavan Mani (who comes as the Police Constable) – he has done an amazing job in getting you to hate him with all your heart!! (In a way, he too does touch your heart! 😉 ) Were you given a chance, I am sure you would love to smack him left, right and centre!

The Police Constable!
The Police Constable!

The movie has such an emotional impact on you. During most of my recent rendezvous to theatres, I seemed to be coming across like-aged people. Perhaps after a long time I got to see the theatre occupied by not just young people, but people of all age groups. My neighbors in the theatre were an elderly couple, who definitely seemed to enjoy the movie!

I have only one more thing to add – Whether you have watched Drishyam (or any of its other remakes- Drishya, Drushyam) or not, I would really recommend you to watch Papanasam. For the story – Yes. And then, for Kamal – a definite YES!!

P.S. PAPANASAM means Destruction of sins


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