An evening with Amish Tripathi

Yes.. you heard me right! I had the wonderful opportunity of interacting with the Amish Tripathi, the author of the famed Shiva Trilogy, and the recently released Scion of Ikshvaku of the Ram Chandra Series.

The author had come down to Chennai for a talk on his latest work. The event, organised by The Hindu and Phoenix Market city was an amazing crowd puller. But then, rain did wreck havoc. Chennai, which had been treating us to some of the hottest days of recent times decided to bless us with heavy rains. And when should it rain? Precisely in the evening, and during the progress of the programme! Such a heavy downpour it was. Of all days, it had to rain only yesterday eve!

But the rain did nothing to hamper the spirits of the people who had gathered to interact with the author (Granted, had it not rained, there would have been a lot more people, but even otherwise, the place was jammed, with a few under the makeshift shamiana, while most braving the rains under umbrellas that just refused to stay put. I was perhaps one of the lucky few who got to a place to sit closer to the stage!)

I’ve always had this doubt – If Amish is popular just among the youth of today, or if he is equally popular among the elders. It got cleared yesterday! The elders love his works! Lots of elders also bore the brunt of the showers to interact with the author!

The event began to drum beats from a trio of Drum Fighters. Annnnndddd – Amish joined the trio by adding his own beats to their medley, on a much larger drum! His beats were somehow synchronized with those of the drum fighters. Either they had a practice session, or Amish is good with the drums, as much as he is with writing!! 😉 (True to his nickname given by Shekhar Kapur of being a literary popstar ;))

The evening did prove to be chaotic, but there was a sense of peace amidst all the chaos. Amish went on to unveil a monster sized copy of the Scion of Ikshvaku. Most of the people who had come there had a copy of it already in hand. This was followed by a screening of the Book Trailer which was released earlier on YouTube. But the highlight of the eve, the thing everyone was looking forward to, was the Q&A session!!

The people of Chennai did ask a lot of interesting questions. ‘Philosophical’ was what Amish had to say about some of the questions that were put forward. From questions ranging from what he believed in- a masculine or feminine way of life (you’ve to read the Scion of Ikshvaku to understand this) to what words of advice he had for someone who wants to write – he had answers for all of us. Sadly, the session was cut short, yet again because of the rains.

The best thing was yet to come! Everyone was allowed to get a piece of the author for themselves! All of us were given the chance to get our books signed by the author, ask him a question and get a photo clicked with him!! 🙂 🙂 Dream come true, right? 🙂

And so my turn came. Amish is the person who made my interest in Indian Mythology grow. Only after reading the Shiva Trilogy did I go on to explore about other great books on the subject, and in the process discovered a lot of other gems. I owed my thanks to him for that. I hence thanked him, and asked the question I wanted to – Can we expect a Mahabharat from him anytime soon? (Mahabharat being my favourite Indian epic) And guess what? We can surely expect his version of the epic! But you will have to wait for another 6 – 7 years for that. The wait will definitely not be a problem – When you have the other books in the Ram Chandra series to look forward to!

So after getting my book signed and a couple of pics clicked, the rain just seemed to me to be a minor speckle on my otherwise colorful horizon!! What more could I have asked for of the eve??

Amish Tripathi!
Amish Tripathi!

Special thanks go to The Hindu and Westland Books and Phoenix Marketcity and AMISH, for making my day!!!

P.S. This is the first time that I have got the chance to interact with an author. If you find me to be a little too, you know, ‘wordy’ or ‘lengthy’, kindly bear with me. The words just won’t stop flowing!

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