Dr. Kalam, you’ll be missed!

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Only one man could have achieved this. The entire nation (with a population of 1.4 billion), and most of the world, is yet to recover from the shock. The man who gave us a mission to endeavour for, Vision 2020, is no more. Hard to digest – somehow, I never did think that the man behind the enigmatic smile would one day be no more. I am not going to write or say something which has not already been said. He is perhaps the only person in the country to be loved unconditionally by everyone. Many things I might not appreciate about my Alma Mater, but for one thing I will always be grateful – for organising an event with Dr APJ Abdul Kalam as the Chief Guest, when I was studying there. That was one event I did not mind standing from the start to the end. That is the amount of respect and adoration he commands in me all of us. His cabin in my college always brought in goosebumps whenever one went by it. Thank you Sir, for everything, and above all, for daring us to dream. Though you may not be here, we’ll definitely strive to make your dream, Vision 2020, a reality.

People’s President

Like Mark Anthony said at Julius Caesar’s funeral speech, “Here was a Kalam! Whence comes such another?!


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