Celebrating Friendship – The musical way!

Ya.. I hear you.. You do not need a special day to celebrate friendship. But then, this year, it almost felt like someone had thrown in a little bit of fairy dust over us to make the day *… hmmm… looking for the right word… alright.. I can’t seem to find the right one.. this ought to do -* magnificent. The first shower of the fairy dust fell on me on Friday eve, when I received my first paycheck (pssst.. yours faithfully is now employed as a Marketing Analyst 🙂 ). So what with my first salary arriving, a treat to near and dear ones was definitely one of the first things on the TO DO list. The tricky part came in selecting a restaurant, and after a lot of debate, my friends came up with THE STOP. The restaurant was amazing! A ‘gaming’ restaurant- it had all kinds of games ranging from your pallanguzhi, to snakes and ladders, to chess, to snooker and the latest games on the PSP. You also have a huge portrait of SACHIN!! When we were seated, we had a hard time deciding what to play, and once we did start to play, it was hard to drop it off and come have our food. Somehow, we did manage to have the best of both worlds. The food was great too (Definitely lighter on your wallet, when you are the one to pay the bill 😛 ). Only the mocktails were a kinda let down. But then, when you have such a great ambience and set up, you wouldn’t mind the rest! Somehow, we managed to stay there for 3 hours, before being politely asked by the owner to make way for the next group who’d reserved the table! An afternoon well spent, I tell you!!

The Stop!!
The Stop!!

And now, the second bit of fairy dust that was sprinkled on me us- A concert!!

What’s so magical about that? Well, how many times does this happen? Your most favourite band, and your second most favourite band, performing together in the same venue, on a Sunday, and you getting tickets- on the very same day that you chose to hang out with friends – coincidence? Nah.. I choose the more romantic and melodramatic word- MAGICAL!! So it was that after an amazing lunch, courtesy me, my friends and I made our way to the Museum Theater at Chennai Egmore to catch The Music Festival Season 3, day 2 with my favourite bands performing!!! AGAM & LAGORI!!! The performance by Nishant BK before the bands took over was also good! The evening was mindblowing!!! Not a single dull moment during the entire 4 hours of the concert!!

First came LAGORI!!! What can I tell you!! Amazing band.. wonderful songs.. beautiful music.. and above all, Tejas’s energy – definitely contagious!! He had the crowd on its feet all through the band’s performance!! Shalini, Ed, Vinyl, Geeth.. all of them are awesome!

Lagori - in full glory!
Lagori – in full glory!

At the end of their performance, there was a kinda game of lagori between the members of the band and the audience. The aim was to hit Ed ‘Swamiji’ Rasquinha! But me, I was happy just to pocket the ball, with a sheepish grin on my face!

The 'Lagori' ball!!
The ‘Lagori’ ball!!

And now, time for AGAM!!! There are definitely no words to describe them! absolutely none!!! From their first song to the last, the entire auditorium never did stop banging their heads!! Carnatic Progressive Rock- the description says it all. When carnatic combines with rock, there is just no one it cannot make its slave! And I was enthralled for the entire while that they performed!! They have completed 5 years now, and still continue to reign supreme in the hearts of the people! Way to go AGAM!! Harish! OMG.. you are way too good!! We were all bewitched!! Ganesh, Swamy, Jagadish, Aditya, Siva and TPK.. you guys are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. AGAM!!!
A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. AGAM!!!

Now, I do not want to tell you anything about the compositions of these bands except that they are great! Listen to them and decide for yourselves. But believe me when I say that you will be addicted to them!!! So, now, tell me? An amazing way to celebrate with your friends right? Everything just magically unfurled!!

That's Us!
That’s Us!

Happy Friendship Day everyone!!

P.S.- G, we missed you!! 😦

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