Shobana’s KRISHNA – The Dance Drama

This post was long overdue.. I am finally posting it after almost 2 weeks!

India is a country where we have no dearth of festivals. September 5, 2015, was Janmashtami, the day that marks the birth of Krishna, the 8th avatar of Vishnu. Janmashtami is celebrated differently in different places. From where I come, little guys dress up as Krishna, complete with the mor-mukut (peacock feather adorned crown) and the murli (flute). Not to be left behind, the girls dress up as adorable Radhe. Another tradition is to draw small footprints using wet rice flour at our doorsteps. This is to signify that Krishna has entered into our house. And as with any festivity of ours, after the rituals and prayers, the food is just awesomely mouth-watering. You have an entire plethora of choices. You just do not know what to have and what not to, and the same goes for Janmashtami, the birthday of everybody’s favourite maakan chor (butter thief) 😉

This Janmashtami I got to watch Shobana’s Krishna. Boy! Am I glad I made that decision!

For non-Indian readers, Shobana is an Indian actress and a Padma Shri award recipient. She is known for her contributions to the field of Bharata Natyam.

Shobana’s Krishna is a musical.. a dance drama on the life of Lord Krishna, and the show is mesmerizing. From the start to the end, I was completely enthralled by the performance of the artists. Shobana! What grace! Bewitching performance! That, on a weekend, the show was completely sold out (without any sponsors, mind you) is proof enough of how awesome the performance was. And the show has travelled worldwide! This year’s performance in Chennai was the 85th! Speaks volumes, doesn’t it?


The present day India is a perfect melting pot of our rich cultural heritage and our growing modernism. This was even more evident when Krishna danced to the tunes of “Dhoom Again” (Dhoom 2) at the start of the show!! 😉 The BGM score was also scintillating (with many recognisable hits of A R Rahman)! The art design, the lighting- everything was just perfect. Though Shobana , as Krishna, stole the show, the other artists did an amazing job as well! And yes, special mention must be made about the voice over as well! Perfect.. Just perfect! Many big names from the world of Indian cinema lent their voices to the various characters in the drama.

I would like to go on and on, but something tells me I am giving a very poor, bleak description of what actually unfolded on the stage that day. All I have been doing is adding adjective after adjective! But then, how do you describe something that is just magical? That’s something I am yet to learn!!

To make some sense of what I have been trying to tell you, here is a small promo about the show-

The next time you hear about the performance in a place close to you, please make it a point to watch the show. You will be transported to a different dimension altogether! 🙂 🙂


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