How to Fall in Love by Cecelia Ahern

Wow.. the timing seems too perfect. I never expected to write about this book on the eve of Valentine’s day! 😀

But wait.. before you get carried away by the title, let me tell you this- this is no cheesy romantic novel. So if you are looking for some Mills & Boon type of romance, this book is not for you.

Romance has never been my favourite genre. It’s been so long since I picked up one. I did feel apprehensive when I picked this one up, and my friend who was by my side helping me select the books had to talk me into buying it! And boy, am I glad I took her advice! 🙂

A fun read this book is. Cecelia Ahern is no new name amongst book lovers. Her PS, I love you will perhaps be the only romantic novel I read through to the end! (Oh ya.. the book was adapted into a rather forgettable movie of the same name starring Hilary Swank (meh..) and Gerard Butler (yummm.. 😉 )

Now coming t0 this book- it does tell you how to fall in love. But not your ‘guy-searches-for-perfect-girl’ book. It tells you how to fall in love with life.

Meet Adam Basil- millionaire, handsome, has a hot girlfriend, owns a chocolate-making business, flies a helicopter.. has everything a guy could ask for. Yet, you find him about to jump down from a bridge into a ferocious river, wanting to end his life. Enter Christine Rose. An independent girl. A thinker who runs her own business and wants nothing but to find her ‘happy place’ in life. She cannot just let Adam end his life and decides to fight for him. Fight for him to fall in love with his life.

But things are not as easy as that. She convinces him to get off the bridge, and he, in turn, says that if she is not able to make him fall in love with his life in 2 weeks time, he would go ahead with what he was just stopped from doing. Jump!

In this race against time, Christine could’ve chosen to leave Adam at any time. He was no business of hers. But she just cannot let him take away his life. That is just how she is. All Christine wants is for Adam to live.

The book emphasizes and re-emphasizes on the fact that life is not a set of instructions to be followed to the dot. Neither a chemical reaction. A dash of this and a pinch of that doesn’t mean you get the elixir of life. With just about the right dosage of laughs, fears, and all other emotions this is definitely a must-read.

I read The Year I Met You by the same author a few days back and thought it was a great book. But after reading this, I’ve changed my mind. The Year I Met You is good. But it didn’t make me write about it immediately after I read it now, did it? 😉

Go, grab the book, and fall in love! No disappointment there! Money well spent!


Favourites from the book:

Line– “But where pain was, healing could come; where loneliness was, new relationships could be formed; where rejection was, new love could be found. It was a moment. And moments changed.”

Character– Christine Rose. Granted.. an overdose of philanthropy in her, but she is fun!

Takeaways– Life (and love) is what you make it!


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