Cometh the Hour by Jeffrey Archer

The 6th book – the penultimate one – in the Clifton Chronicles. And Jeffrey Archer proves yet again why he is one among the master storytellers of the 21st century.

The Clifton Chronicles sketches the life and times of one Harry Clifton. Born in the dockyards of Bristol to a bold and determined woman (Maise), Harry faces challenges all through his life. But though titled so, the books is this series also trace the lives of the Barringtons’. Harry is married to Emma Barrington, and Giles Barrington is his best friend. Harry writes for a living while Emma is the chairman of a Shipping organisation. And Giles? He is a politician at 10 D.

The book takes off where Mightier Than the Sword left us. In Mightier Than the Sword, Harry fought against all odds to smuggle a book from behind the Russian Empire into the free world. The author of the book (that Harry smuggled) faces lifetime imprisonment in the dreadful gulags of Siberia – all for the simple reason that he chose to expose the truth behind the regime of Stalin. How Harry smuggled the book out is what makes the book intriguing and unputdownable.

Coming to Cometh the Hour- the main premise deals with Harry’s efforts to secure the release of Anatoly Babakov, the imprisoned author in Siberia. This is not the only plot, though. Giles Barrington, Harry’s longtime friend, and Brother-in-law falls hopelessly in love with a woman in East Germany. And it definitely was not the best of times to love someone behind the wall. Is the woman he loves a Soviet spy or does she also love him back? Is it worth the danger and the pain to bring her from the clutches of East Germany? Or is it going to be an end to Giles’ political career? To find the answers to all that, you’ll have to read the book! 😉

Psst.. There is also a minor plot revolving around Sebastian Clifton (Harry’s son) and his visit to India in this book. (Not the facet of India that I’m proud of!)

Now, I wouldn’t know if this book can be read as a standalone. I’d suggest you to start from the first book of the Clifton Chronicles (Only time will tell), and proceed chronologically to the 6th book. But but but- One of my friends did start reading from the 5th book, and she still enjoyed the novel! The final decision is yours to make!! 🙂



The going gets tough, and the tough get going!



Favourites from the book:

Line– Cometh the hour.. Cometh the man!
Character– Harry Clifton. The novel is based on his family and though there are no main protagonists, your heart will definitely go out to this man!
Takeaways– The Pen will always be mightier than the sword!

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