Happy Birthday ma!

Every year, I used to have dreams of celebrating my mum’s birthday in the most spectacular of ways. Surprise her with something totally unexpected, buy her gifts that her worthy of her awesomeness, et cetera et cetera. But given that, I survived mostly on pocket money until a year back, all my surprises for her involved small things such as drawing greeting cards and embroidering little mats. Then, as I grew and learnt to save on my pocket money, I progressed from hand-made cards to big fancy greeting cards and store-bought goodies. But even then, I felt I was missing something. It didn’t feel right to just get her random greeting cards which wouldn’t do justice to the amazing woman she is. It was then that I learnt to cook. So it was that her birthday was all about cooking her favourite dishes. Along the way came baking. And baking her favourite cake on her birthday seemed to top all my other gifting attempts!

This day marks another year in her awesome life, and I decided to do everything that I’ve always wanted to do for her on her birthday. With lots of help and advice from dad, we (brother and I) ended up getting her silver anklets and a beautiful blue silk saree. And then, of course, the quintessential cake – a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.


As she turns another year wiser (ahhhmmm.. yes.. I know.. she has always been wise!), I thought of going a step ahead and penning down a small ode to the fantastic woman she is, but words failed me miserably.

So, all the bickering and bantering aside here is me just wishing her a very happy birthday! 🙂

Happy Birthday ma! May you have many many many more birthdays! Continue being your awesome self! You are the best!! Love you loads! 🙂 🙂



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