There are movies that “get” you as and when you watch them, and then there are those that grow up on you with time. Waiting belongs to the second category. When I went to watch this movie, after a rather tired day, I was worried I might end up sleeping through it. Then, there was the other apprehension that the movie might be a tear-jerker and I would end up coming out of the movie hall with swollen eyes. Thankfully, neither of this happened.

Waiting is about two people who meet under unlikely circumstances in the waiting room of a hospital. One of them is from the generation that considers uttering the word ‘fuck’ to be an offense, while the other is from the age of atheism where saying ‘fuck’ is the same as taking your next breath. One of them (Naseeruddin Shah as Shiv Natraj) has been happily married for 40 years, while the other (Kalki Koechlin as Tara Deshpande) is a newlywed.

So what do you do when your beautiful life is taken for a spin and you have absolutely no way of steadying it? Anu Menon summarises the various phases perfectly. First, you are in denial. You are just not willing to accept that it has happened to you. Then follows anger. Anger at everyone and everything around you for your plight. And then, once you realise you have to accept the consequences, comes hope. You start praying, fighting against all odds. All, just to see the one you love back on their feet.


Both Shiv and Tara have loved ones in the comatose stage. But the way they handle things are completely different. While Shiv is willing to do whatever it takes for his wife Pankaja (played by Suhasini Manirathnam) to live, Tara doesn’t want to put her husband Rajat (played by Arjun Mathur) through a painful operation unless she is most certain that he will live the way he used to (read ‘independent’). It is amazing what all one can do for love!

Set in Kochi, the tale is poignant in its starkness. A rarity in Bollywood these days. Go watch Waiting. If not for Naseeruddin or Kalki, definitely for love. You will not be disappointed.

The hauntingly addictive Zara Zara song

P.S. Shiv does end up swearing and Tara does end up praying.. 😉 All for love! 🙂

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