The Steradian Trail by M N Krish

Yet again, I stumbled upon a captivating book long after it hit the racks.

The Steradian Trail – the first of the Infinity Series.

I have always been enthralled by mysteries and whodunits. From the time I started reading, I’ve always been drawn to books dealing with riddles, with clues interspersed here and there. It all began with Enid Blyton‘s Famous Fives and Secret Sevens, then moved on to Nancy Drews and Hardy Boys and I’ve never looked back. Then came Dan Brown with his Angels and Demons. Perhaps there were many who wrote in this particular genre before him, but I chanced upon his work first. Suffice to say that The Steradian Trail falls into that genre – the “thriller + crime + art + adventure + history” genre. Add a little bit of math to it, and you have an extremely satisfying outcome.

A murder in the US sets into motion a series of events in Chennai (Tamilnadu, India) , and Joshua Ezekiel finds himself caught in its web. Helping him clear the haze is his close friend Lakshman. When math and Tamilnadu come together in a plot, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind will be Srinivasa Ramanujam, the man who knew infinity. The clues left at the spot of the murder take Joshua and Lakshman along a journey from Chennai to Ramanujam’s very home in Kumbakonam. Amidst all this confusion is Vishnu (revered as the Protector of the Universe in Hindu mythology) and his 108 Holy Shrines. The scenes keep shifting from the IIT-M Campus to the city of Chennai to Kanchipuram to Kumbakonam to the MIT campus and back to IIT-M.

Even the brightest of minds may not have the answers always. When Joshua and Lakshman are flummoxed in their quest, help comes from a very unexpected source – Divya, an undergrad student. Together, they must solve the mystery and save the world (actually, the world’s economy).


What made this novel even more enjoyable for me is that it happens in my own city and around places I have been. That apart, anyone who loves a good mystery will enjoy the book. The scenes unfurl before your eyes seamlessly. I especially loved the way the meaning behind the title of the book was revealed. Being his first book, M N Krish has done an amazing job.

Be it the monkeys in the IIT-M campus or the watchmen, everyone has a role to play. Now that this is just the first book of the series (psst.. the first book is actually numbered Book 0.. rightly considering it is the Infinity series.. 😉 ), I can’t wait for the next one to hit the racks!! Until then, I have just one thing to say – Go read this book!! 🙂


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