Her phone is ringing. She loves her ringtone and usually lets it ring just to listen to it. A poignant melody. But today, it only brings with it pictures of “what if’s” and “what could’ve been’s“. She immediately reduces the volume. As the taxi keeps moving and the scenery changes with every passing second, she wonders at the unpredictability that life is. How it can go from days of absolute happiness to the most desolate of times…


She had vowed since the last time to stay away from him. Decided that he was not worthy of her attention. Or of her affection. But he was this all-powerful magnet who tugged at her heart in the strangest of ways – and the pull was too difficult to escape. As is always the case of the battle between the brain and the heart, the heart won. And the heart rejoiced. And she rejoiced as well.

She put everything behind her. Her past. His past. Everything. She did not want to control or dictate the future based on what had happened before. So she just let things flow – take their natural course.

And boy oh boy! What a course that was! She had the best time of her life with him. So much of love and happiness and laughter that she seemed to overflow with it. She enjoyed even the simplest of things with him. Be it having breakfast, or watching a movie, or listening to music, or talking non-stop, or just sitting in comfortable silence – everything was beautiful when he was around. And she realized something.

He was her dream. And being with him meant she was living her dream.

The more comfortable she became with him, the more her guard went down. She forgot about the vows she had initially taken of staying away from him. She forgot about the world around her.

She was slipping. And she fell. In love.

What a fall that was! She was astounded that she could love someone so unconditionally. Never had she been this selfless or this full of love that she only wanted to shower him with it. All that mattered to her was being with him. All that mattered to her was seeing him happy.

Perhaps because, in one corner of her heart, she knew. She knew she will have to wake up from this dream of hers.

But not just yet.

So they lived their days together in bliss. Just enjoying each other’s company. Not caring about anyone or anything. Sharing secrets, sharing dreams, sharing everything.

Or so she thought. Oblivious to what he had in mind.

Days and nights chased each other in this fashion. And she knew she will be rudely woken up at some point. But she was frightened. Still not ready. There came a time when she could take it no longer. As much scared she was of having to wake up from her dream, the uncertainty was killing her. She wanted to know if he felt the same way about her as she about him. And so she asked him – “What are we? What is this we have between us? What am I to you? You know I love you, but where are you in all this?


No wonder they say ignorance is a bliss…


As she goes on to change her ringtone, she accedes that hope is a treacherous thing. And her hope, like her ringtone, was of an entirely different kind – Unfinished Hope.





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