Kirik Party

I enjoy watching movies. And I would sometimes like to believe that I am a movie buff. Those assumptions aside, it was purely by chance that I ended up watching my first Kannada movie – Kirik Party.

I have always been apprehensive about watching movies in languages I am not familiar with. So much gets lost in translation that at the end of the movie you end up feeling incomplete. But when I heard this is one of those movies you just cannot miss, I immediately signed up for watching it, hoping that the Kannada I learned during primary school would come in handy.

And the movie did not disappoint. 🙂

So what makes Kirik Party so enjoyable? The real life portrayal of the characters. They are as real as you and me. The movie traces the life of the protagonist through his 4 years of engineering. Nothing more, nothing less. And the other plus point is the music! The music weaves itself seamlessly throughout the movie – or should I say, it is the music that binds the various anecdotes together?

Karna (played by Rakshit Shetty, about whom I had no idea till I watched this movie) is your typical first year engineering mechanical engineering student – bunking classes, getting into fights, getting suspended, falling in love with a girl elder to him (Ya ya.. I hear you. I can hear Kalippu playing in your heads with one George David (Premam) coming into the scene ❤ . But the similarities end there). Then there is Saanvi. The dreamgirl – of not just Karna, but the entire college. She is his super-senior and in addition to pursuing her engineering, she teaches Kannada to those who do not know the language. Add to this a group of friends, and another girl (Aarya) who vies to win over Karna through her many antics and you have a completely entertaining and enjoyable medley.

Source: Times of India

There was nothing entirely unpredictable about the movie. You almost always know what is going to happen. But the way the scenes were executed makes it a joy to watch. Like for instance, the climax. You know this is what is going to happen. But when the scene unfolds before you, you shake up with so much laughter.

I guess December 2016 can be called the month of musicals. And Kirik Party is a musical in every sense. 

Love it or hate it, you just cannot ignore it!

P.S. The movie is almost 3 hours long. There will definitely be times when you wish things would speed up, a few songs cut short. But the end result is totally worth it. 🙂

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