Nothing Ventured by Jeffrey Archer

Jeffrey Archer. There is just something about the way he writes that is intriguing and calming at the same time. Things might be terribly messed up to start with, and even when you are halfway through, you cannot help but feel all is lost. But as you come to the final few pages, you begin to see it all makes sense.

Makes you wish he wrote your life’s story, doesn’t it?

Simplest of stories told in the simplest of ways. But no matter how simple a tale, they sure as hell leave a mark on you.

The Clifton Chronicles is one series I will cherish for a long time to come. But this post is not about them. For people who have read the tales of Harry Clifton and his family, you will know that among many things during his lifetime, Harry was an author. He wrote about the adventures of William Warwick, a detective with Scotland Yard.

The recent book from Archer is about Harry Clifton’s favorite detective. And the book begins with the words- “This is not a detective story, this is a story about a detective.”

(But if you have not read the Clifton Chronicles, fret not. This is a standalone book and is the start of the William Warwick series. So go grab a book and get reading).

The book traces the life of William Warwick, fresh out of college, wanting to become a detective, much against the wishes of his father, who is a renowned lawyer. And we see that William is not some superstar detective (aka Sherlock Holmes), but a more realistic human version of one. One who goofs up and gets punished, and one who shows signs of brilliance, here and there. But we must give William the benefit of the doubt. After all, this is his first few months of being a detective!

Fresh with Scotland Yard, William’s first big case is to find a priceless Rembrandt stolen from a London museum. The alleged thief is a master criminal who has been getting away with looting a lot of priceless treasures of which this particular Rembrandt is but a recent addition. Top it with a few more cases that have to be solved and a mysterious girlfriend, and William has his plate full!

The Syndics by Rembrandt (source: Wikipedia)

The book definitely kept me hooked. And more so towards the final 50 pages. But what sealed the deal for me was the last line of the novel. With a cliffhanger like that, Archer makes sure you are kept in anticipation for the next book in this series!

P.S. All that said, Archer does drop a scary note in the preface saying William’s quest to become a commissioner depends on his (Archer’s) longevity! Here’s hoping that you survive the entire journey of DP William Warwick, amongst many others, Lord Archer!

Favorites from the book:
Character– Sir Julian Warwick, William Warwick’s father.
Takeaways– Everything is not what it seems! Especially paintings!

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  1. Archer is my favourite author. His writing is sheer brilliance

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Vaishali says:

      Yes! Simple and brilliant. He is THE Master Storyteller.


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