Lying Next to Me by Gregg Olsen

Revenge. That’s the word I’d use to summarize this book.

While browsing through Goodreads for my next read, I saw that Lying Next to Me was one among the top 20 books read in September. Though everything in that list caught my eye, I was looking for a nice crime/thriller story, and this one seemed to fit right in. And I immediately bought the Kindle version of it.

I liked the book. The first 100 or so pages make for a good whodunnit. But I must say after a certain point, I kinda figured out where the book was heading. I was disappointed that I was able to solve the crime before the lead detective in the novel. Either the author intended it to be that way, or I’m getting really good at the science of detection.

The story begins with an abduction. And it happens within the first few pages. I really liked that about the book. It jumps right into the crime without wasting time.

Adam, Sophie, and their three-year-old daughter Aubrey are out for a short vacation in downtown Seattle. They’ve rented one of three cottages by a lake. While Adam and his daughter are out rowing, Sophie gets kidnapped right before Adam’s eyes, and all he can do is watch helplessly from the middle of the lake.

lying next to me

Who took Sophie and why? Was it a random abduction? Did someone stalk Sophie and her family to the isolated lake houses and take her? Was it one of the guests from the neighboring cottages – the old lady perhaps, or the young couple? Was it a disgruntled ex-lover? Or was it just the husband, Adam, who staged it all? These are the questions Lee, the local detective, and her partner Montrose have to find answers for.

The character arcs in this book are mindboggling. Everyone is hiding something. Their characters go from shades of innocent white to ones of darkest black, reeking of narcissism, hedonism, and guilt. The book is a sure-shot page-turner. Though you begin to guess what might have happened, you still can’t stop yourself from reading how it is that Detective Lee finally disentangles herself from the webs of deceit woven around Sophie’s abduction and unravels the truth behind it all.

At the heart of all the lies, love, hatred, and drama is just one thing- how far would you go for revenge?

Favorites from the book:
Favorite Quote: It’s hard to be genuinely enthusiastic if you can never have what’s in front of you – when it comes so easily to others.
Favorite Character: There are no favorites here. You will just love to hate all the main characters
Takeaways: Think you know a person really well? Well, this book is here to tell you to think again!

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