Yet another update to the ABOUT section.



The Blog

My first blog goes by the name Confessions of the Illusive Mind. And now, I have christened my new blog The Invisibility Cloak.. Partly because I was absent from the arena of blogging for a long time now (a whopping year and a half.. Writer’s Block? Nahh.. just plain laziness.. and a little of self-imposed exile..!) and partly because I am a huge Harry Potter fan (20+ and still loving it)!! Ventured into the world of blogging in 2010. I do not blog on any particular topic.. Just random stuff about my way of life and the wonderful experiences I’ve learnt from it.

The Blogger

Hmmm.. the Blogger.. so much has changed since I last updated this section.. Back then I was an insecure and unsure small town girl, aiming to make it big in the Big Bad City.. And now, well no more insecure and unsure.. now I know what I want in life! A much bolder small town girl (Yup.. you’ve got to take my word for it) successfully surviving in the Big Bad City.


Ahoy Mateys!!


A few more totally random stuff about me-

  • A voracious reader! At any time of the day (or night) you can find my nose buried in a book, or my e-book reader!
  • And yes.. I am a Huuge fan of Harry Potter.. When my nose is not buried in a book, it would be buried into my mobile when I am playing Quiz Up.. yes..in Harry Potter.
  • I love baking.. and cooking..! When stressed, I don’t dunk myself in chocolate ice cream.. You can find me cooking up a storm in my kitchen!
  • A Sagittarian.
  • Love shopping in the malls and boutiques and the many bright and colourful gullies of Chennai! You can get anything you want here.. well, almost!
  • A terrible dancer, who until recently never danced.. like, at all.. !
  • A fairly better singer than a dancer, but way better at sketching than singing..
  • Love to be around kids, and love teaching them..!
  • In addition to my crazy love for reading, writing, music, baking, and shopping, I work full-time as a Research Analyst.. 🙂
  • I love Pink.. (and blue.. and red.. and yellow.. and.. well all the beautiful colours out there! )

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