A man is known by the company he keeps. Similarly, a man is also known by the books he has read/reads/will read.

I love reading, and I love books! I love the way they smell.. I love the smell of new ones, and the smell of old ones. Books are just magical! They transport you to another world, a different dimension, a different time. And they just don’t stop there do they? Every book gives you a chance to live a different life, each one different from the other. You get a single life on this wonderful planet. I personally believe that reading books enables you to live a thousand lives within this single plane of existence.


It is this love for books and reading which has got me to dedicate a separate section for sharing my thoughts on books that impressed me, made me cry, made me sit and think, and feel any of the umpteen number of feelings we homo sapiens are privileged to experience!

As you read what I have got to say about the books, you will realise that I am no critic! Just a girl sharing her point of view!

Enjoy Reading!


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